You guys remember those ‘Cry Talks' videos I used to do?

I haven’t done one since October 25th, 2012.

Gonna toss one up tomorrow some time.

Spoiler: It’s announcing I’m taking a break for a week, aka this week. I burnt myself out a bit with all the streaming/frustration with RoR/lack of good sleep/some personal things goin’ on so I could go for a holiday.

Next week I’ll be doing some things with Polaris (my network’s new name) that I can’t discuss but it should be fun. And I hope to keep trying at RoR. I understand the story gets quite interesting, but you have to understand how bullshit the actual gameplay is. It’s truly unfair to a high degree, but I’ll keep giving it a shot.

Also I’ve come to the realization I haven’t done a ‘Cry Reads' video in a while either (April 20th (420loloblazeithue)) so I would like to get back in the mix of that as well. With that said, I'll be doing a collaboration video with MrCreepyPasta again, so that’s happening in the near future.

Lots of stuff goin’ on, so gime a quick breather to prepare for it. That’d be awesome. Thanks. :]

(Edit: Also might still stream MGS2 randomly throughout the week if I find myself in good spirits/not busy with things/not at insane hours of the night.)

((Another Edit: YES I PUT 2013 INSTEAD OF 2012 JEEZE I’M SORRY))

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