Okay so! Shirts!

My network, TGS, just clued me in on getting involved with their merchandise line Rodeo Arcade.

With this in mind! They want a first shirt design, just one for now, to get up. I could have them take care of it all, them design it and all that, but I like having you guys do this kind of stuff. Made by the viewers, y’know?


If you have an idea for a shirt, make it! It can be a huge design or a small one - pretty customizeable stuff really. I only ask that it’s around 300dpi.

You get your own free reign on this folks. I kind of like the idea of using a sup guy instead of myself in a mask on it, and no mention of my name or anything. Something vague and cool looking.

I don’t want people wearing it to feel like they’re walking billboards. I want them to actually enjoy wearing it because it looks cool.


If you have a design, please e-mail them here :

Also! If your design is chosen, I do believe the consensus from my rep says ‘they get free swag.’ 


Let that sink in.

Thanks! :D

EDIT: Also no real due date, but I’d like to get a design sent into them within the new few weeks by the latest. And even when one is selected please feel free to send me more for future ones. :]

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