I wonder why Cryaotic only has 125,181 Subscribers. He’s an amazing gamer, much better than Pewdie professionally, and he has a more mature humour than Pewdie.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Pewdie too. How I started watching gamers play on YouTube started with Cr1TiKaL, Morfar, Pewdie, and…

My best explanation I can give: I don’t tell people to subscribe, rate, favorite, comment, like on Facebook, tell their friends, family, be walking advertisements and get me out there.

I like to just do what I do and if people REALLY want to, they will do on their own volition. I love that. I love knowing that if someone subscribes it’s because they truly enjoy the content and will be back. I love knowing that when someone puts a ‘Like’ on a video it’s because they themselves wanted to, not because I asked them.

I don’t do the mainstream concept of how popular Let’s Players do. I do me, that’s it. Yes I’ve done ‘popular’ games, but really it was pure coincidence. Amnesia? I did it before I even knew what an LP was. Slender? I did it because Pewds told me and it looked fun. SCP? Shit was terrifying. I just had to have some of that.

I also drink root beer. Shit is amazing and could be holding me back. I don’t know.

Either way I prefer being lesser known. Smaller crowds of individuals are amazing. Mass gatherings of a swarm of people are terrifying. I used to be able to read every PM, respond to them, even every single comment on every single video I’ve ever done. Now, I just can’t. There’s too many, far, far too many. It sucks that I know I am letting some people out there down by not responding to them. At least I am able to have the weekly stream where we can socialize with those who may have been let down. That’s definitely a saving grace, there.

I think I covered everything that I can on this subject! I am going to go drink more root beer and wonder why I’m awake at 6:30 am. Cheers folks!

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